Thursday, October 4, 2012

Making time.

Well, it seems harder to make time to create than I wanted. My original goal was to draw and sew for an hour each every day. Luckily today I got about a half hour worth of drawing in. I put Sesame Street on and let baby girl play with some of my drawing pencils, which distracted her just enough.

I promised to reveal my plans for the Denyse Schmidt fabric! I am going to make some baby gift sets, a baby quilt and matching burp cloths. I think it will be really cute and with the little time I do have, can go together easily.

I went to Joann's fabric store to scope out a pattern for baby girls Halloween costume. She is going to be Foofa, from Yo Gabba Gabbba, her favorite show. There is a perfect Simplicity pattern I can use and since all Simplicity patterns will be 99 cents this weekend, you can't go wrong!

Baby girl woke up every two hours last night asking for milk, so it was a rough night. Haven't had a night like that in a very long time! I have a hard time getting her to eat enough real food during the day, even though I have changed up my strategy, after doing some research on picky eaters. Limit snacking, put her on a schedule for eating meals, in her chair, I eat when she does and I let her try whatever I am eating.
She definitely isn't going hungry, she's just relying on her milk to fill her up, which I am trying to change. I won't force her to eat something and I won't deny her milk. I think it just will be a slow process. At least I have found things she will eat, so those are things I always give her.

Oh toddlers, or kids of any age, it's always something new to figure out!

Baby girl sitting in her chair.

She got herself stuck in her toy box!

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Katie said...

Baby girl knows what she likes! You are such a great mommy to her! And that sounds like a great plan for a gift set. I can't wait to see more. No problem if you only draw/sew a little each day. Plodding away at it goes a long way.