Thursday, November 11, 2010

Blue Log Cabin quilt, small update

I have been fighting a cold this week, so not a lot of sewing or quilting has been going on! I wanted to show the two modified blue log cabin quilt squares that I have finished so far. I think the quilt will be really fun, but it's totally wonky blocks at this point.
It's so true what my sister says though, I make quilting a lot harder on myself when I don't use a pattern, which is totally coming true on this one!!!

Have a great Thursday everyone!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Kirby quilt squares

My b.f. came home from work one day and said he had a quilt square he wanted help making. That made me very happy! I don't know that much about video games, or Kirby for that matter, but the quilt is part of a project Nintendo is having various artists and other types in the video game industry work on that coincides with Kirby's Epic Yarn release.

Here are the two squares that I worked on and helped the b.f. make. 

Check back to see the completed quilt! I can't wait to see everyone's interpretation come together in a quilt!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

More fabric

Isn't this gorgeous? It's Shell Montage by Phillip Jacobs for Rowan. This fabric feels so warm and summery. Now that we are fully in the middle of fall, with the rain and falling leaves, I feel like this fabric is even more yummy! Don't know how I am going to use it, but I love looking at it for now!

Monday, November 8, 2010

One more quilt and some fabric

The other day my b.f.'s sister asked me how many quilts I am working on. Great question! With the addition of this colorful flying geese pattern quilt, I think the count comes to 8 all together. WOW! It think it's fun to start them, and I like to work on a few at once, but maybe I got a little carried away! 
Part of the blame can go to my sister, she let's me work on quilts she doesn't have time to finish, which makes me a very lucky girl! I love what my sister picks out and then I get to spend time making the quilt all my own, such fun!

most recent quilt added to my collection of projects

My sister is also very generous with fabric, often giving me amazing scraps all the way to yards of fabric! Awesome. 
I squeeled with joy when I saw this collection of Liberty of London prints! AHHHH! 

I also love this Alexander Henry Lake Lawn Regent Peacock Jewel. Love, pure love.
 Do you have fabric you just drool over and dream about? This collection is so dreamy!

Friday, November 5, 2010

My little helper

I can't post too often without including pics of my puppy. I recently started taking pictures in my bedroom, which has better lighting and more room to spread out my stuff. Of course, Mason, my dog, must join me.

I put a blanket down to block him from walking on my stuff and give him a designated space where he can watch me. He eventually finds his way edging closer to me as I am taking pictures! Dogs are such funny friends!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

An interpretation

I am working on a quilt from the City Quilts book by Cherrie House. The quilt is called, City Shops. I am using a much more vibrant and strong color pallet for my interpretation of this quilt.

This quilt is coming together really quickly, which has been really fun! I have been thinking I want to try my hand at free motion quilting and I want to try a pebble pattern.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New fabrics and new quilts.

Every week it seems I start a new quilt or get some new fabric. Not a bad thing at all! I got some beautiful deep blue polk-a-dot fabric that I am going to use for the blue log cabin quilt.
I bought the Sew Scrappy magazine and there is a pattern called Boxed In.

I am going to use the blue polka-a-dot fabric for the "window pane" effect.

The boxed in pattern seems like a great way to put a twist on the classic log cabin block. I'm excited to see how it will go!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

what I am thinking about

Along with a lot of quilting I have been thinking. I haven't posted anything for a week now because I haven't known where to start.
I have been thinking about where I belong as a quilter, what quilting means to me, the history of quilting, what is Modern quilting, how does economics play in quilting, what do I want to do with quilting, where do I want it to take me, how do I give to others through quilting.
That is a small fraction of what has been rolling around in my head while I have quilted away on the many, many quilts I have going on right now.
I haven't forgotten about my little blog, just haven't known where I wanted to go with it. I feel like I am in a transition phase, where I am taking my quilting even further. It's exciting, frustrating and a little unnerving. I take my quilting seriously, I want to go far and be successful at quilting. I feel like I am myself when I quilt, that I know myself through quilting.
Thanks for sticking with me, and let's see where this all goes!