Thursday, October 20, 2011

Feeling jumbled.

I really want to get back into my blog, but I keep finding excuses to not post something. Yesterday I was about to post and then my sweet baby began crying and I took care of her. Instead of putting her down once she was asleep, I held her for hours, which was great, but no blog post.

Well, today there is this post. I didn't totally want to post because I have to re-take pictures of the sewing I'm working on and the baby is sleeping in her carseat and I'm feeling jumbled. I finished most of Madison's Halloween costume, but now I want to remake part of it. Some days things don't come easy. Part of dealing with that is getting out of our own way.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Cherry Heart Designer becomes a Mommy!

I am excited to announce that I gave birth to this little miracle on July 1st of this year. She is now almost three months old, and I feel like I am just now coming out of the fog of pregnancy and new baby mode.

Madison Rose Marie, born 7-1-2011, 5lbs 9oz.

Madison Rose, two days old.

Madison Rose, 2 weeks old

Madison Rose, 2 months old

There is a big story behind this tiny miracle, and I am trying to figure out how to tell it. I hope in the days and weeks to come I can tell you more and by telling my story, I can help other woman who may be experiencing what I did. Cryptic enough?!

Plus, I am finally back to sewing and crafting again, so more quilting/crafting to come!

Also have you seen this awesome quilting tv series ? I live in northern California, so check you local station for this show. I have learned so much from this show, they break down quilting into doable steps, with great tips and tricks.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Belated Happy New Year...

I hope it has been wonderful for all of you so far! I haven't posted in awhile, as some of you may have noticed. We are currently having problems with our computer and I am typing this note to you on our tiny little netbook. Unfortunately I am not able to post pics from my camera onto this computer, so I may end up just describing what I am making!
I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and I look forward to the many quilts we are all going to create during this year!