Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I was just thinking about how fast this year has gone. Looking back at my pictures, all stored on the computer, I see there were a lot of great adventures along with some heartbreak. It's amazing how moving a picture can be, and how quickly it can remind you of these moments.

For our three year anniversary my boyfriend brought me to Monterey, CA to see the Monterey Bay Aquarium, which is incredible. I especially loved the jellyfish display, with the perfect combination of the orange and turquoise. They also had the Seahorse Exhibit up and running, the variety of seahorses was pure magic.

A truly heartbreaking time came when my boyfriend's sister's family dog passed away very unexpectedly. He became very sick so quickly, even now I get teary thinking of him. We all loved Scooter. I am grateful for the pictures I do have of him. This particular one I was "messing around" with my camera. Scooter was getting a little love from his unlikely friend, the family cat, Xena.
I had only had my camera for a few weeks at this point and was spending a few days at Michelle's house, my boyfriends sister. She was teaching me how to use my camera. Michelle is an amazing photographer, check out her blog: MRSphotography.blogspot.com.

This final picture I took in my old neighborhood. I had been living with my boyfriend for over a year in Oakland. We had decided that it was time to move to somewhere closer to his family. When it the time to move was fast approaching, I became nostalgic about moving and decided to take pictures from our area. This one was of a cherry blossom tree a few blocks from our apartment. Looking at this picture I remember the warm day, the busy streets and all the good things Piedmont Ave. had brought us.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Amigurumi Bears and Bunnies

I have admired for a long time the cute crocheted stuffed animals other people have made. One day I thought I would try to make some cherries. After many, many tries I was able to finally figure out how to make a crocheted stuffed animal.
The dark brown bear on the right is the first one I made that I liked. I am better at attaching the plastic eyes rather than trying to embroider some eyes. The pumpkin in the middle is one of many I made for Halloween decorations around the house this year. I may even use them for my Thanksgiving decorations, along with a crocheted turkey.
I also made a few other bunnies. This rainbow one is one of my favorites. I love how bright and cheery it is and it was so fun to make, changing all the colors as I went along.