Monday, July 23, 2012

Spring cleaning in the middle of summer.

We have been planning for awhile to spring clean our home, my man and I. Finally the weekend came where the stars aligned just right and we could leave our baby girl with her grandparents's and get some stuff done!
We have three closets and a huge dresser in our bedroom full of stuff needing a good sorting. Mainly we wanted to go through baby girl's stuff, since she is a "big girl" now and doesn't need her swing, activity center or bouncy chair.

I had a hard time getting rid of her things, even though we have no reason to keep them. I got especially sad when the Boppy was packed up, I remember just staring at my newborn little girl in that thing for hours, using it to prop her up on the couch with me, putting it behind her when she first started sitting up in case she fell back.

Time goes by so fast! Now our closets are beautiful and clutter free, we got to sit down for a long dinner out for Thai food and come home to watch "Downton Abby" until 2:00 in the morning. I forgot what it's like without a baby in the house, it was a nice break, but I missed her every second she was at her grandparents house. She had a good time though, she got worn out!

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