Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Costume making weekend

I spent my Saturday at my sisters house finishing up sweet pea's Halloween costume. I had decided to make her a Foofa costume, from the show, Yo Gabba Gabba, since she loves that show!

My sister had done some of the sewing ahead of time, but also helped cut out and sew together the lining.

Check out her awesome tattoo!

I sewed the costume together, then finished putting on the face. This involved some sewing, and unfortunately some hot glue gun usage. I don't really like to use the hot glue gun when sewing because its a bandage really, but I had a major time crunch!

Sewing on the flower, which was part fleece, and part cotton.

My sister and sister in law just got a super cute new puppy, so I brought Mason along with for a play date.

Introducing, Brooklyn playing with Mason.

Proud big brother of Brooklyn and Mason chatting.

Mason got tired, time for a nap.

He always has to be close by when I'm sewing.

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Friday, October 19, 2012

Here "Mom"

This has been a very long week with a sick baby girl. She had a very high fever most of the week with some sniffles. Whenever she is sick she gets very clingy, which makes it super hard to sew! It's also super stressful when the little one is sick, there isn't much I can do for her.
I haven't made any progress on her Halloween costume but my amazing, incredible, best twin sister in the world has been sewing her costume instead, and its awesome! Will post some pictures soon.

Yesterday I had a small window where Madison was content watching Sesame Street and I able to sew a new set of burp clothes!

I love this beautiful fabric, mainly because of the animals. I am a sucker for animal prints!

While I was quickly taking pictures of these new cloths, Madison was doing one of her new favorite things. She will pick up an item, really anything, then hold it up and say "Mom", and wait for me to grab it.

In some ways this is super handy, like when she is done eating or drinking her milk, saves me from a mess. Other times its just funny, cause I will have a whole pile of stuff in my lap. I am sure I will miss this phase! Oh my funny girl!

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Cutting out costume

I have been cutting out Madison's Halloween costume at night, after she goes to bed. Mason absolutely loves that I cut out fabric on the floor, where I have the most space, because he loves to help.

Sorry for the dark pictures, used my iPad with low lights in the living room, so not ideal, but Mason is cute anyway!

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Monday, October 8, 2012

Halloween costume making time!

This weekend I was super excited about going to Joann's fabric store! They had an amazing sale going on for Columbus Day, with really good coupons. All Simplicity patterns were on sale again for 99 cents! Woohoo!

I had the shopping all planned out, because I knew the pattern I wanted would go quickly, #2788, Toddler Costumes. I hatched a plan with my sister, where she would go to her Joann's Thursday night and hide the pattern, these went the next day to retrieve it and get it for 99 cents! Worked perfectly! Devious, yes, but when I went to my Joann's and the one by my in-laws the pattern was sold out, which I assumed was going to happen.

I went Saturday to Joann's and bought the fabric and thread I would need for her costume.

Madison decided to help me lay everything out for taking photos.

Madison making sure I picked the right pins.

Mason always wants his picture taken too.

I can't wait to get everything cut out and to start sewing!

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Making time.

Well, it seems harder to make time to create than I wanted. My original goal was to draw and sew for an hour each every day. Luckily today I got about a half hour worth of drawing in. I put Sesame Street on and let baby girl play with some of my drawing pencils, which distracted her just enough.

I promised to reveal my plans for the Denyse Schmidt fabric! I am going to make some baby gift sets, a baby quilt and matching burp cloths. I think it will be really cute and with the little time I do have, can go together easily.

I went to Joann's fabric store to scope out a pattern for baby girls Halloween costume. She is going to be Foofa, from Yo Gabba Gabbba, her favorite show. There is a perfect Simplicity pattern I can use and since all Simplicity patterns will be 99 cents this weekend, you can't go wrong!

Baby girl woke up every two hours last night asking for milk, so it was a rough night. Haven't had a night like that in a very long time! I have a hard time getting her to eat enough real food during the day, even though I have changed up my strategy, after doing some research on picky eaters. Limit snacking, put her on a schedule for eating meals, in her chair, I eat when she does and I let her try whatever I am eating.
She definitely isn't going hungry, she's just relying on her milk to fill her up, which I am trying to change. I won't force her to eat something and I won't deny her milk. I think it just will be a slow process. At least I have found things she will eat, so those are things I always give her.

Oh toddlers, or kids of any age, it's always something new to figure out!

Baby girl sitting in her chair.

She got herself stuck in her toy box!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Made a list, got some stuff done.

As promised a picture of my to do list.

Today my plan was to take pictures of my Denyse Schmidt fabric collection. Joann's fabric store has had these awesome fabrics available within the last year or so. I have been collecting bits of it as new fabrics came out. Now is the time to make something from this awesome fabric.

Tomorrow I will reveal my plans!

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Monday, October 1, 2012

A new day of swimming and life.

I some times get jealous of other people's success. I get caught up in the day to day stuff of cleaning, toddler raising and feeding everyone. When I can find the time to step away from things for a moment I see that I too can create a path to my own success.

Beginning today I am committing to creating my own plan to sewing/crafting success. I define success as making, dare I say it, a LIVING from my sewing. There, I said it! I've probably said it before, but I tell you I get going on that path and so easily get sidetracked!

Last night I grabbed a piece of paper from the printer and made an action plan for this week. Since I want to show my process, even the nitty gritty, I will show you my notes tomorrow.

One of my goals is to not only sew but to draw again. I used to draw all of the time, and just like sewing or writing, we all have a creative voice and I am not sure what that looks like when it comes to my drawing anymore. So today and went and bought a sketch pad! Next I gotta dig through my craft closet and pull out my paints.

I am really excited for my renewed commitment to my creative path!

Oh yeah! So part of this whole thing is I am going to doing something, anything creative every day for one year! 365 days straight everyone! Let's see what happens!

On a side note it was super hot here today, close to 100 degrees, so I blew up the kiddie pool and let the little cutie swim!

Yes, that's me taking pictures of her in the background. My lovely man took this picture of us both.

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