Monday, October 8, 2012

Halloween costume making time!

This weekend I was super excited about going to Joann's fabric store! They had an amazing sale going on for Columbus Day, with really good coupons. All Simplicity patterns were on sale again for 99 cents! Woohoo!

I had the shopping all planned out, because I knew the pattern I wanted would go quickly, #2788, Toddler Costumes. I hatched a plan with my sister, where she would go to her Joann's Thursday night and hide the pattern, these went the next day to retrieve it and get it for 99 cents! Worked perfectly! Devious, yes, but when I went to my Joann's and the one by my in-laws the pattern was sold out, which I assumed was going to happen.

I went Saturday to Joann's and bought the fabric and thread I would need for her costume.

Madison decided to help me lay everything out for taking photos.

Madison making sure I picked the right pins.

Mason always wants his picture taken too.

I can't wait to get everything cut out and to start sewing!

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Katie said...

I love seeing your process! It was so fun to get that pattern!!