Monday, September 26, 2011

Cherry Heart Designer becomes a Mommy!

I am excited to announce that I gave birth to this little miracle on July 1st of this year. She is now almost three months old, and I feel like I am just now coming out of the fog of pregnancy and new baby mode.

Madison Rose Marie, born 7-1-2011, 5lbs 9oz.

Madison Rose, two days old.

Madison Rose, 2 weeks old

Madison Rose, 2 months old

There is a big story behind this tiny miracle, and I am trying to figure out how to tell it. I hope in the days and weeks to come I can tell you more and by telling my story, I can help other woman who may be experiencing what I did. Cryptic enough?!

Plus, I am finally back to sewing and crafting again, so more quilting/crafting to come!

Also have you seen this awesome quilting tv series ? I live in northern California, so check you local station for this show. I have learned so much from this show, they break down quilting into doable steps, with great tips and tricks.