Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Made a list, got some stuff done.

As promised a picture of my to do list.

Today my plan was to take pictures of my Denyse Schmidt fabric collection. Joann's fabric store has had these awesome fabrics available within the last year or so. I have been collecting bits of it as new fabrics came out. Now is the time to make something from this awesome fabric.

Tomorrow I will reveal my plans!

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Michelle said...

Let's start back up on our monthly goals???!!!

Those are such CUTE fabrics!!!

Katie said...

I love these fabric combos! So inspiring! Plans reveal please:)

This Mommy Made It said...

@Michelle-yes! Monthly goals are so motivating! Lets do it! Let me know what your goal is for October!

@Katie-Thanks! Glad you told me about this fabric being at Joann's!