Friday, October 19, 2012

Here "Mom"

This has been a very long week with a sick baby girl. She had a very high fever most of the week with some sniffles. Whenever she is sick she gets very clingy, which makes it super hard to sew! It's also super stressful when the little one is sick, there isn't much I can do for her.
I haven't made any progress on her Halloween costume but my amazing, incredible, best twin sister in the world has been sewing her costume instead, and its awesome! Will post some pictures soon.

Yesterday I had a small window where Madison was content watching Sesame Street and I able to sew a new set of burp clothes!

I love this beautiful fabric, mainly because of the animals. I am a sucker for animal prints!

While I was quickly taking pictures of these new cloths, Madison was doing one of her new favorite things. She will pick up an item, really anything, then hold it up and say "Mom", and wait for me to grab it.

In some ways this is super handy, like when she is done eating or drinking her milk, saves me from a mess. Other times its just funny, cause I will have a whole pile of stuff in my lap. I am sure I will miss this phase! Oh my funny girl!

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Katie said...

I love these sweet details that you share! It is great to read about!