Monday, September 17, 2012

Working on discipline.

Now that my beautiful little girl is a toddler I have entered a whole new phase of parenting. This kind of snuck up on me, I was so not prepared. I remember when I was going to the mommy class, which is through the local hospital, they talked about it one week. Baby girl was probably 10 months at the time and still army crawling and not really into anything. I half listened thinking my precious little angel won't do stuff I don't want her to do!

Really, I just couldn't imagine her walking and talking and getting into things, it seemed so far in the future! Thinking this way helped me hold on to what little babyhood that was left!

Well as soon as she started walking and her arms got long enough she discovered the cable box. You see, we have the cable box in the t.v. stand. We need access to it so we can change the channel. At first I just kept shoving it back further and further so she couldn't get it. We are the point now where we can't move it back any further and so discipline begins.

A fuzzy picture of baby girl in the act! I realize this is such a minor thing, but it's super annoying! She will push the buttons to change the channel, pause/rewind, etc. whatever we are watching or even when she is watching her own show!

I decided I needed to figure out what I wanted to do for discipline. I knew how I didn't want to discipline: no spanking, no yelling. I wanted to find a way for "positive discipline" that goes along with my belief in attachment parenting.

Some awesome moms I know recommended so books, which I promptly bought! Check back tomorrow for the titles and my reviews!


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